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“Wheyward” Prices Up

The Central midpoint of the mostly whey price rose fractionally from last week's price to 61.5 cents, according to USDA’s Dairy Market News (DMN), while the midpoint of the Western price was announced at 63.13, up 0.5 cents from last week. "The firm market undertone is being reinforced by tighter inventories of whey in the West," says DMN.
"Dry whey production in the West saw significant declines in January. Although cheese production in the West for January was up 4.5% compared to last year, dry whey production was down 35.3% from a year ago. Whey stream products were directed toward WPC production versus dry whey manufacturing. Demand for whey for both export and domestic use is reported to be good." FC Stone reported in yesterday’s Insider Closing Bell that April through September whey futures closed as much as 2.5 cents higher.