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2014 Grasstravaganza at Morrisville

July 17-19 marks the return of Grasstravaganza last held in 2008 in New York State. Morrisville State College and the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service will host the event that highlights the importance of grazing livestock to benefit livestock, soil and human health.  
The early registration deadline for the event is June 30.
Three national grazing and soil health experts will be presenting at the 2014 Grasstravaganza with a theme of Pasture Soil Health Creates Wealth. The presenters are:

  • Certified Professional Soil Scientist Ray Archuleta, the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS) “Soil Guy” from North Carolina, who travels the country promoting soil health, with 25 years of NRCS experience
  • Jerry Brunetti, managing director of Agri-Dynamics, known for the Soil-To-Plant-To-Animal Health message 
  • Jim Gerrish, former University of Missouri researcher and writer, who is currently a cattle rancher and co-owner of American GrazingLands Services LLC, an Idaho-based consulting business that helps farmers and ranchers more effectively manage their grazing lands for economic and environmental sustainability.

“Many graziers remember the 2004 and 2008 Grasstravaganza events held in Binghamton.  Thanks to the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), this educational event will be held again with two days of programming, farm tours, and an optional Thursday evening reception,” says A. Fay Benson of the Cornell University South Central NY Regional Team and NY Organic Dairy Initiative.
The schedule of activities includes:
Thursday, July 17 – Optional evening reception and dinner on campus with Jim Gerrish speaking on “Adventures in Grazingland”
Friday, July 18 – Tour of Morrisville Dairy Complex pasture plots under varying types of management, including interseeding and conversion to grazing mixes to promote soil health
Saturday, July 19 – Choice of three farm tours:

  • Bruce Rivington 400-cow season dairy farm with Ray Archuleta, improvements over 14 years of grazing, discussion of Kriemhild Dairy Farms’ grass-fed butter and plans for product expansion
  • Morrisville State College equine facility pastures with Farm Manager Mike Mazza and Jerry Brunetti, examples of good vs. poor grazing management, discussion of best management practices for horse owners to minimize impact on water quality and nutrient runoff
  • Ingallside Meadows Farm with Jim Gerrish, benefits to soil health and plants through integrating different species of livestock – beef, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and discussion of direct marketing through farmers markets.

 The event also includes a trade show. Register online at grasstravaganza.morrisville.edu or contact Anne Orth at (315)-684-6843.