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Alltech Hosting 2014 Global Dairy & Beef Event in France

At the FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy, Alltech will share its passion for agriculture through innovative exhibits that spread the message of agriculture’s critical role worldwide to a global audience.

Communicating Alltech’s passion for improving efficiency, profitability and sustainability on the farm and beyond through natural nutrition and scientific innovation is the focus of Alltech’s sponsorship activation at the Games. Located in the heart of the Games Village and spanning almost 2,000 square meters, the Alltech Pavilion showcases Alltech’s pioneering scientific endeavors in animal and human nutrition and poses questions such as, are algae the key to naturally enriching our food with DHA omega-3 without overfishing our oceans? Visitors will learn how today’s progressive farmers are providing wholesome food while protecting the environment and also see growing plants and more than 300 fish featured in the story of eating our way to a better life.

Alltech not only has a range of sponsorship activations within the Games Village, such as the Alltech Pavilion and the Alltech Music Festival, but a number of its main trade events in conjunction to the Games will also be hosted in the Normandy region. These events include Alltech Global Dairy & Beef 2014 and Alltech Presidents’ Club.

Alltech’s Global Dairy & Beef event is held annually and brings together more than 700 of the most progressive dairy and beef producers from around the world to enable them to network and share experiences. “The Alltech Games will provide an amazing backdrop and experience for our customers and business partners,” said Dr. Mark Lyons, vice president of Alltech. “Alltech’s Global Dairy & Beef event has the added benefit of being hosted in the Normandy region, which is the heart of the French ruminant industry with more than 580,000 dairy cows and more than a quarter of a million beef cattle. Our Global Dairy & Beef attendees will have the opportunity to tour many of the most efficient, profitable and sustainable farms in the region.”

The Games have also provided Alltech the opportunity to share our title sponsorship with global partners around the world. To enable these partners to differentiate their feed, the Alltech Official Partner Program was created for leading horse feed and animal health and nutrition companies.