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Animal Health International concludes 2013 National Sales Meeting

Animal Health International, Inc. concluded its 2013 National Sales Meeting with the recognition of outstanding employee achievement, including inducting John Wiese to Animal Health International’s Council of Excellence, recognizing Doug Springer as 2013 National Salesperson of the Year and Craig Edling as the 2013 Aspen Award winner, awarding Phyllis Ostermeier the prestigious Founder’s Award, and also recognizing other outstanding employee and region achievement.   

John Wiese of Animal Health International’s Technologies Division was inducted into Animal Health International’s Council of Excellence. “Our Council of Excellence members represent ‘the best of the best’ at Animal Health International,” says John Adent, President CEO of Animal Health International.  “In addition to consistently delivering exceptional sales performance, they help provide strategic direction and key insight into how we can continually improve our customer’s experience.  I welcome John as our newest Council of Excellence member.  I know his experience benefits the entire company.”

Phyllis Ostermeier was presented the prestigious Founder’s Award.  Phyllis was selected as the recipient of the 2013 Founder’s Award based on her demonstrating loyalty and support of Company goals, being an acknowledged leader within Animal Health International, and consistently doing whatever it takes to drive the success of her department and the success of Animal Health International.  Phyllis works in the Company’s High Plains Region.

Doug Springer of Animal Health’s Midwest Region was selected as Animal Health International’s 2013 National Salesperson of the Year.  Doug was selected in recognition of his consistently exceptional sales performance, his demonstration of leadership, and his consistent focus on and attention to meeting or exceeding both his own professional growth goals and Animal Health International’s overall company goals.

Craig Edling was awarded the Company’s 2013 Aspen Award.  The Aspen Award is presented to the employee that is most supportive and driven in achieving Aspen Veterinary Resources and Animal Health International’s House Brands Marketing goals.  Craig works in the Company’s West Region.

In addition, Animal Health International presented the following awards and recognized employees and regions in the following categories: 

  • Animal Health International President’s Club, awarded to outstanding outside sales representatives.  2013 President’s Club Inductees are:  Jason Larson (Midwest), Ole Becken (High Plains), Heidi Johnson (Midwest), Chris Taylor (West), David Boydston (Technologies), Clint Hoffer (South Central), James (Mike) Woods (West), Elton Turley (South Central), Allan Ketteler (High Plains), Kurt Kiehne (South Central), Henry Kim (Hawaii-Companion Animal), Jason Pate (High Plains), Jeff Sims (East), Todd Cope (High Plains),  Danielle Raymond (Companion Animal).
  •  2013 Regional Salesperson of the Year, awarded to Doug Springer (Midwest), Jim Weeter (High Plains), John Evangelo (West), Matt Freeman (Technologies), Jeff Sims (East), Cheryl Marshall (Companion Animal), Gary Crandall (South Central).
  • 2013 Sales Team of the Year, awarded in recognition of consistently exceptional sales performance, awarded to Sales Office 0041 EAST.
  • 2013 Telephone and Inside Sales Representatives of the Year, awarded in recognition of exceptional sales performance by a telephone sales or inside sales representative.  Award winners are:  Wayne Roberts (East), Rebecca McClintik (East). Tami Ehrman (High Plains), Amber Umland (High Plains), Erin Bolen (South Central), Todd Visscher (Midwest), Kim Vander Veen (Midwest), Kristen Mintle (Companion Animal), Betty Jo Johnson (South Central), Sara Bittle (Companion Animal).
  • 2013 Operations Plant of the Year:  Sunnyside, CA (West), Lancaster, PA (East), Garden City, KS (High Plains), Sioux Falls, SD (Midwest), Hereford, TX (South Central).
  • 2013 Pinnacle Award, awarded to employees who have reached a high point of achievement in meeting individual objectives and in support of Animal Health International goals.  The 2013 Pinnacle Award winners are: Aaron Brown (Technologies), Gary Rachman (Companion Animal), Michael Snelson (South Central), Ryan Long (Midwest), Andy War (Midwest), Jeremy Simmons (Midwest), Michelle Vannest (Corporate), Steve Shontz (Technologies), Ashley Sanchez (West), Jodi Deluz (Hawaii/High Plains),  Nicole Blankespoor (Corporate), Steve Trew (Technologies), Audrey Zimmerman (East), John Bergstrom (Technologies), Penny Rankin (South Central), Tammy Christensen (High Plains), Charles Hoff (Technologies), Marge Koehn (Corporate), Robert Worley (Midwest), Cristi Kelch (Midwest), Bob Krambeck (South Central).
  • 2013 Replenishment Team of the Year: Midwest Replenishment Team
  • 2013 Operations Team of the Year: High Plains Operations Team
  • 2013 Retail Sales Representative the Year, awarded to: Lana Dill (South Central), Lydia Tucker (South Central), and Jennifer White, Debra Schroeder and Jolene Goddard (High Plains).
  • 2013 Customer Service Representative of the Year:  Christine Moore (Midwest) and Ashleigh Cameron (Companion Animal).
  • 2013 House Brand Region of the Year was awarded to the High Plains Region.
  • 2013 Aspen Award, awarded to: Chance Essinger (Companion), John Lapp (East), Craig Edling (West), Todd Cope (High Plains), Doug Spring (Midwest), Lonnie Robb (South Central), Ryan Hart (Technologies).
  • 2013 Accounts Receivable Achievement: Montana, Colorado and Kansas Sales Teams (High Plains).

“Congratulations to our 2013 Award winners”, said Mr. Adent.  “We work hard every day, and it’s important to acknowledge those employees who showed outstanding dedication and achievement”.