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Breakfast on the Farm participants shared learning, purchased more dairy products

Breakfast on the Farm (BOTF) has attracted over 50,000 participants since the initial event was organized in 2009 by Michigan State University Extension and Clinton County Farm Bureau. Exit surveys indicate over 90 percent of participants leave BOTF events held on dairy farms with positive impressions about modern dairy farming, increased trust in milk as a safe food and increased trust in farmers as a source of information about food production. A recent online survey shows more than 88 percent of participants told others they should attend a BOTF event.

A total of 244 households responded to the email survey which asked if and to whom participants had talked about their BOTF experience. Of that number, 228 specified the category of people with whom they had talked: 23 percent had talked with family members; 24 percent with friends; 13 percent with friends on social media; 7 percent with others on social media; 10 percent with other parents; 14 percent with co-workers; and 10 percent with other individuals. The email survey represents a 56 percent response rate from 438 households who provided email addresses during their visit to a BOTF event held at dairy farms in 2012.

Topics reported to have been discussed by participants surveyed following BOTF events were:

They left with a positive impression about modern dairy farms (80 percent)
Farmers using new technology (63 percent)
Farmers doing a good job caring for their animals (61 percent)
Farmers providing good housing for dairy animals (51 percent)
Farmers caring for the environment (29 percent)
Safeguards for handling milk before it leaves the farm (46 percent)

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