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CRV's U.S. Jersey program continues to excel

The August 2014 sire evaluations for CRV's U.S. Jersey program brought exciting new releases and returning stars that continue to push the ever-growing program forward.

Leading off the new additions, MACH (Perform x Navara) combines a +210 JPI with a very high JUI of +5.51. Mach will sire productive and fertile daughters with +11- lbs combined Fat and Protein and a +0.7 DPR. Another new sire over 200 JPI is KASCADE (Marvel x Bungy x Jace). This Marvel son with a very unique maternal pedigree debuts at +206 JPI and over +1300 lbs Milk with +1.7 PTAT.

MAGNETIC (Hilario x Impuls x Lemvig) is a low inbreeding sire who will improve longevity at +4.1 PL. Magnetic is also a lineup leader for Fat at +0.30% and +83 lbs.

DMITRY (Dividend x Namara x Impuls) will help improve component percents with +0.22% Fat and +0.08% Protein. He will also sire long-lasting, fertile daughters with a +0.4 DPR and +3.1 PL.

CAJUN (Irwin x Connection x First Prize) is a specialty bull added to CRV's Jersey lineup. Going back to the Circus family, Cajun is the highest on the lineup for PTAT and JUI at +2.4 and +6.56 respectively.

Returning star MUSKET (Valentino x Impuls x Lemvig) is a complete package bull with a +207 JPI. +4.35 JUI and +1249 lbs Milk. LEVY (Valentino x Maximum) is the highest bull on the Jersey lineup for combined Fat and Protein at +141 lbs. STORMY (Marvel x Dale x Impuls) is a total package bull out of the famous "S" family at Wilsonview. Combining +228 JPI, +636 CM$ and +4.75 JUI, Stormy is an easy use bull.

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