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Dairy Plant Food Safety Workshop in Syracuse

July 8 & 9, 2014 Syracuse, NY   

The Dairy Plant Food Safety Workshop is designed to help dairy processing facilities improve pathogen control practices including PEM, sanitation, and sanitary design.  The workshop was designed by dairy industry professionals for the benefit of the industry through the non-profit Innovation Center for US Dairy.  The instructors are food safety leaders from companies across the dairy industry who share their knowledge and experiences to advance food safety across the industry.  The training includes lectures and hands-on exercises:

Pathogen Environmental Monitoring (PEM), Swabbing, Vectoring, Corrective Actions, and Record Keeping
Best practices for GMPs, Floors, Separation of Raw and Ready-to-Eat (RTE), …
Introduction to Pathogen Microbiology
Sanitary design, Sanitation, SSOP Development
Pathogen Environmental Monitoring (PEM), Swabbing, Vectoring, Corrective Actions, and Record Keeping

This is an interactive session where you will learn from multiple instructors as well as by interacting with your peers from other companies.  Small group exercises will reinforce and allow practice on evaluating equipment, swabbing techniques, PEM plans, and developing SSOPs.

Who Should Participate

This workshop has been designed for all employees who are involved with pathogen-control programs, regardless of their titles or current roles. Attendees include plant managers, production supervisors, sanitation, engineering, maintenance, and all levels of corporate/plant quality.

Be sure to save the date for one of the "2014 Dairy Plant Food Safety Workshops" near you:
February 11 & 12 in Phoenix, AZ: hosted by United Dairymen of Arizona
April 29 & 30 in Kansas City, MO: hosted by Schreiber/DFA   
June 3 & 4 in Plymouth, WI: hosted by Sargento Foods/Foremost Farms
July 8 & 9 in Syracuse, NY: hoted by HP Hood/Land O'Lakes
September 16 & 17 in Denver, CO*: hosted by Leprino/Glanbia/Hilmar

*All workshops cover both wet and dry product operations but the Denver session will specifically focus on dry dairy powder operations

Visit www.usdairy.com/FoodSafety to learn more about  Food Safety workshops offered by the Innovation Center for US Dairy.