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Genex Jersey offering expands with 5 new sires

With the addition of five new sires, the Genex Cooperative, Inc. Jersey lineup now totals more than 40 bulls including 23 over +$525 Cheese Merit (CM) and 20 at or above +200 JPI™.

Leading the new graduates is 1JE00882 Hi-Land Score FORMIDABLE, an early Score son with chart-topping numbers. FORMIDABLE debuts at +264 JPI and +$672 CM. He adds production to any pedigree with +2064 Milk and over +120 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP). Rounding out his impressive resume, FORMIDABLE is a health trait standout at +0.4 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and +6.1 Productive Life.

The Marvel son, 1JE00876 Faria Brothers CARCETTI, presented a very complete genetic profile: +223 JPI, +$539 CM, +3.95 JUI and +1699 Milk. CARCETTI also possesses a diverse pedigree on the maternal side with a VG-82% Blitzen dam and a Rebel grandam.

1JE00867 Faria Brothers TORTUGA-ET is Topeka son ready to make his mark with an impressive +4.26 JUI and +215 JPI. He carries an elite +$642 CM and huge components for a CFP of 129.

1JE00850 Pearlmont Visionry DECOY-ET is a Visionary out of a VG-82% Renegade from the famous Daffy family. He debuts at +215 JPI with a +$591 CM, over +1500 pounds of Milk and a +4.4 Productive Life. DECOY is JH1C.

1JE00881 Oomsdale Glory Score GEO-ET, a +214 JPI, +$594 CM Score son, enters the lineup with exceptional health traits: +0.5 DPR, +4.7 Productive Life and +2.89 Somatic Cell Score. GEO hails from a VG-88% Celebrity dam that goes back to the Gratitude family.

Backing the new graduates is a profit-packed lineup of well-recognized sires, including the notable 1JE00792 MACHETE with his dominant +$698 CM and +242 JPI, 1JE00848 ILLUSION who jumped to +233 JPI with a +4.16 JUI, the polled 1JE00851 LIMELIGHT-P at +196 JPI, and the top 10 JPI 1JE00711 PLUS with his +3.36 JUI based on more than 1,400 daughters scored.

For more information on Genex Jersey sires, including the GenChoice™ sexed semen lineup of more than 30 sires, visit www.crinet.com or contact customer service at 888-333-1783.