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Jetstream Genetics August 2014 sire summary designed with your herd in mind

Jetstream Genetics has an enhanced offering with the August 2014 Sire Summary. New sires are now available--sires with added reliablity, with top-ranked daughter-proven sires now fulfilling the pedigrees. With Jetstream Genetics, online ordering is open 24 hours a day (only available in the U.S.), available to make your orders ready when you are at www.jetstreamgenetics.com.

The genetic release last week powered the following headliners:

534HO00031 POWERBALL P (Earnhardt x Robust): For polled sires, he is the #1 GTPI, #1 GLPI and #1 RZG sire in the breed. Powerball P has changed the landscape on polled genetics as he exceeds all trait thresholds for Milk +1642, Protein +72, and Type +2.65. He's from the Productive Life (+4.9 PL) crafted family Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX 92 DOM GMD.

534HO00032 KOOL (Cashcoin x MOM): Kool comes to you as an early release Cashcoin son. This +158 RZG sire boosts at +2438 GTPI, +3225 GLPI, what is not to like about a new release sire that has the added feature of A2A2 milk? Pedigree is as genuine as it comes, going back to the Art-Acres Kay family. This exciting Cashcoin x VG87 MOM x EX Shottle x VG88 BWM x VG Patron x VG Aerostar x VG Ned Boy x VG Chairman x VG A. Chief x EX Elevation x VG Ivanhoe could be as complete as any new release sire on the market today.

534HO00025 MARDI GRAS (Mogul x Planet): He is Jetstream's top available GTPI sire at +2480. He boasts +152 RZG in Germany and his CDN figures in Canada are extreme with +3177 GLPI. The Rudy Missy EX92 family continues to deliver top-end performance with Mardi Gras. This Mogul son gained GTPI points, rising to +2480. He fits nicely with his brother, 534HO00012 Model, also offered by Jetstream.

534HO00026 DEMAN (Mogul x Atwood): Very few sires have the CDN type breakdown that Deman offers: +16 Type, +15 Udder and +13 Feet and legs. In Italy he tops in at +3246 GPFT making him a global attraction. The Debutante EX92 branch of this family has many high-ranked daughter-proven sires, like Destry. Deman joins his popular brother, Delta, at Jetstream Genetics.

534HO00017 DELTA (Snowman x Atwood): Jetstream's #2 type sire stands at +4.06 Type and +19 Conformation in Canada. Delta's sire, Snowman, recently claimed the #1 GLPI daughter-proven sire in Canada. The Queen of the Breed, Roxy, is behind this masterpiece sire, combining type, production and cow family.

534HO11310 GOLDDUST (Goldchip x Damion): His famous dam Sonnek Damion Charlie is now EX 94, Golddust rings in at +4.51 Type. His Canadian CDN figures are just as impressive, as he scores +19 Conformation and +17 Mammary System. He is backed by great lineage: EX 94 Damion x VG Shottle x EX Morty x EX Rudolph x EX Supersire x VG Elton. His Udder Composite and Type with Frame keep Golddust at the top of the type charts. His sire Goldchip continues as a renowned Type specialist.

534HO00008 COLT 45 RC PO (Colt P-Red x Shottle): His early offspring are eye-catching individuals that are acquiring top prices in numerous sales and auctions. This RC PO sire is over +2.66 Type. The Chassity family continues to generate superior breeding with this own son and maternal brother to the popular Goldchip and 534HO00001 Carson. This cow family stamps them true and built to last. Plus he can make them red and polled.

534HO00010 CASHCOIN and 534HO00009 CASHMONEY (Observer x Goldwyn): the Cash bros: Science meets reality with these genomic leaders. They have experienced tremendous fertility results worldwide, numerous CE observations make them the perfect SCE sires at 6.1% and 6.8%. Their early offspring are appearing at the top of all the young genomic progeny tested lists and the beautiful calves are sure to impress. Jetstream will soon be offering elite Cashcoin sons in the lineup that are among the best in the world.

The new August 2014 sire portfolios are available by contacting Roger Turner: info@jetstreamgenetics.com or 608-770-0012.