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SCR commences litigation to protect rumination monitoring intellectual property

SCR Engineers LTD. and VocalTag LTD. have brought litigation against Agis Automatisering B.V. alleging that Agis’ CowManager SensOor product infringes certain patents, including a patent covering rumination monitoring.

In the complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, SCR and VocalTag claim that Agis’ CowManager SensOor infringes on: Patent number US 7350481 B2 "Method And System For Monitoring Physiological Conditions Of, And/Or Suitability Of Animal Feed For Ruminant Animals"; and Patent number US 7878149 B2 "Method And Device For Detecting Estrus".

“SCR has a long history of envisioning and developing superior, data-driven solutions for the dairy industry,” explains Tom Breunig, SCR general manager, North America. “We believe our patented rumination monitoring technology leads the industry.”

The rumination monitoring technology covered by the above patent has been used in SCR products for several years as part of well-known SCR systems installed on thousands of farms worldwide, Breunig adds. “SCR is synonymous with quality,” he says.

SCR and VocalTag are seeking compensatory damages and injunctive relief for the alleged infringement.

SCR and VocalTag are being represented by New York counsel Morrison Cohen LLP and Sutton Magidoff LLP, and Wisconsin counsel Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c.