Culver's thanks farmers, and we say thank you back!

By Kayla Jentz

In my travels I get to see and experience a lot of neat things, but none are quite as awesome as a sight I saw on my way to a dairy show this week.  Here I am driving along, and bam! Bright blue barn painted with "Thank You Farmers". 

Number one, out of the many classic red barns you can find in Wisconsin, this one was shockingly blue - that notable "Ford tractor" blue color. Number two, it was right off of one of Wisconsin's major interstates. Number three, it was the most public display of thanks to a hardworking group of people that I have ever seen. And, number four, it was accompanied by a similar blue and white sign with the Culver's logo on it (one of my favorite places to eat). 

I was not shocked that it existed. You see, only the day before driving by this sight, I shared a video on Facebook about the painting of this barn. But, seeing it in real life made me realize how just how real Culver's appreciation of farmers is. 

I've seen the Culver's commercials featuring dairy farmers, barns, fields of crops, etc. I've seen "Family Farm Fresh" billboards. Heck, they've even put "Thank You Farmers" on their kid's meal bags. I've heard about their support of the National FFA Organization. But, this display of appreciation tops them all.

So, I just wanted to use this opportune moment to thank Culver's in return. You can no doubt create a top notch bacon cheeseburger and cheese curds to go with. You've wooed me with your frozen custard and strawberry shakes. But, now you have my 'born and raised a dairy farmer's daughter' heart.

Thank YOU, Culver's.