October milk production up 1.0%

October 2013 U.S. milk production in the 23 major dairy states totaled 15.36 billion lbs., up 1.2% from October 2012, according to preliminary data in USDA’s latest Milk Production report. Cow numbers totaled 8.5 million head in those states, down 2,000 from September, but 36,000 more than a year ago. Output per cow averaged 1,806 lbs., up 14 lbs. from a year ago.

Revisions lowered the original September estimate by 13 million lbs., to 14.8 billion lbs., up 1% from a year ago.

Nationally, October 2013 production was estimated at 16.43 billion lbs., up 1% from a year earlier. Cow numbers were estimated at 9.2 million head, down 3,000 from September, but up 13,000 from October 2012.

Looking at individual states compared to a year earlier, California output was up 1% despite a 15-lb. per cow drop in production; cow numbers were up 3,000 head. Wisconsin was up just 0.9%, although output per cow was up 15 lbs., and cow numbers were up 1,000 head.

New York was up 2.8%, thanks to a nice 50-lb. gain per in milk cow; cow numbers were unchanged. Idaho was down 2.7%, on a 30-lb. decline per cow and 7,000 fewer cows. Pennsylvania was up 0.2%, on a 5-lb. gain per cow and 1,000 more cows. Minnesota was down 0.3%, due to a 5-lb. loss per cow; cow numbers were unchanged.

Among other major states, Michigan milk output was was up 2.7%, on a 15-lb. gain per cow and 7,000 more cows. New Mexico was off 0.6%, on 2,000 fewer cows; output per cow was unchanged. Texas keeps pouring it on, up 3.8%, on a 25-lb. per cow gain and 10,000 more cows. Washington was up 2.3%, on a 10-lb. gain per cow and 5,000 more cows.