• Can substitute soybean meal up to 100% without detrimental effect New high-protein canola-meal products are available for inclusion in swine diets, but until now, it wasn’t clear how these products would affect gestating and lactating sows. A recent University of Illinois study demonstrates that both high-protein and conventional canola meal can substitute soybean meal up to 100% without detrimental effects.     “Results of our [Read More ...]

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  • EnduraGestTM lessens manure odor and increases nutrient value The old adage, “smells like money,” in reference to the odorous outcome associated with livestock operations, has long been a theme in the countryside. However beneficial as field-applied nutrient fertilizers produced by that lagoon, pit or litter might be, the smell has become a greater concern amongst neighbors not associated with livestock or [Read More ...]
  • Futures? Exports? Tariffs? Cycles? Lower fluid milk demand?  Since the beginning of the industrial era, it has been commonly accepted that the price of milk will be cyclical.  The theory had always been that dairies needed to make hay while the sun shines and save up for a rainy day.   While the fundamentals of dealing with a downturn will [Read More ...]