• How Wisconsin’s dairy industry fared in 2018 and what lies ahead Lorre Kolb: How Wisconsin’s dairy industry fared in 2018 and what lies ahead. We’re visiting today with Mark Stephenson, University of Wisconsin-Madison/Extension in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and I’m Lorre Kolb. Mark, what did we see happening for dairy farmers in 2018, what might be the future outlook? Click here to [Read More ...]

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  • The Original Muck Boot Company is celebrating its 20 year heritage as an essential tool for farm and agriculture workers everywhere. Muck’s farm and agriculture products are true workhorse boots that are rooted in the performance, comfort and quality that users have come to depend on when in the field. Delivering 100% waterproof performance, Muck boots feature neoprene/rubber uppers and outsoles that can [Read More ...]
  • PortaCheck is pleased to announce they are now distributing an on-farm glucose test that has been incorporated into their BHBCheck Plus ketone monitoring system. “Checking glucose levels before administering dextrose to a cow with high ketone levels may prevent unnecessary stress on her system that is already at risk for more serious complications,” said PortaCheck president, Mike Gavin. “Veterinarians and [Read More ...]