Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin on DairyBusiness News

Wisconsin’s Dairy Badge of Pride

April 12, 2021 DairyNews 0

Building a trusted, respected brand like Wisconsin Cheese is no accident. Of course, beginning with high-quality milk produced by hard-working Wisconsin dairy farmers gets everything off on the right foot. But it requires a well-planned, [Read More …]

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Michael Cardoso and Laura Pires of AHV International on new methods preventing harmful bacteria from giving off toxins.


Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin on DairyBusiness News

Adopt a Cow program connects kids, cows and classrooms

April 12, 2021 DairyNews 0

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin’s new program reached 1,640 classrooms and more than 28,000 Wisconsin students this school year. Ten Wisconsin dairy calves taught their unique farm story to tens of thousands of school kids across the state thanks to Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin (DFW) and Discover Dairy’s Adopt a Cow program. From August – October 2020, Wisconsin classrooms registered to “adopt” a calf from [Read More …]



Myth Buzz-ters

The Truth Behind Five Common Misconceptions As every dairy operator knows, flies are an unpleasant but unavoidable reality of the profession. House, stable, face and horn flies are all common threats to a dairy and [Read More …]