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Jim Mulhern's Presentation at the NMPF Annual Meeting.

Product Spotlight

  • The Footbath Dosing System from AgroChem, Inc. delivers a precise quantity of pre-mixed footbath concentration at the touch of a button, with no manual measuring or mixing required. The comprehensive, automated system ensures consistency, helps reduce costs, enhances accuracy, improves worker safety and improves overall hoof health. The system can be programmed for use with two different products, each with its own pump, for use separately or in rotation. For example, producers who want results without formaldehyde may run HEALMAX®, while producers looking to reduce copper sulfate usage may runDURAHOOF.   Other benefits include: Consistent, repeatable results for healthier hooves Optimizing the value of hoof care chemicals, with no more wasted products from inaccurate measuring Reduced costs from flushing and replenishing on a pre-determined schedule [Read More ...]

Upcoming Events

  1. Missouri Holstein State Convention Sale

    January 19 @ 7:30 pm EST
  2. International Osnabrueck Black & White Days 2018

    January 26 - January 27
  3. National Mastitis Council 57th Annual Meeting

    January 31 - February 2
  4. 10th Edition GTPI Type Sale

    February 9 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
  5. Kash-In On Valentine’s Day

    February 14