12 Month Trend Report Released – Key Production and Financial Measures from August 2017 through September 2018

A 12 month Key Dairy Production Trends Report of farms that participate in PRO-DAIRY’s Dairy Profit Monitor has just been released. The Dairy Profit Monitor is a business management program that allows dairy producers and consultants to enter herd and financial data every month online and at their convenience. With that capability, users get an immediate report back on their business on dairy benchmarks as well as financial parameters. This project is open to producers nationwide, allowing users to benchmark their business against businesses around the country.

Monitoring key production and financial indexes that focus on day to day operation activities provides opportunities to understand how the business is changing and if those changes are working as planned or desired. 111 farms have participated in the Dairy Profit Monitor monthly from August 2017 through September 2018.

Trend highlights over the past 12 months include:

  • Pounds of components per cow per day averaged 5.64 for the period, with the peak month being April 2018 and the low month being July 2018.
  • Pregnancy Rate averaged over 24 for all 12 months, with the lowest months being the summer months.
  • Net Milk Price was the highest in September 2017, bottomed out in February 2018, and has essentially been at or below $16.00 per cwt. or lower since January 2018 for the majority of participating farms.
  • Feed conversion started off on a decline through the fall of 2017, then started to rebound through May 2018, and then has settled back slightly through August 2018.
  • Cost per pound of dry matter of the lactating cow trended up from the 11 cents per lb. to the 12 cents through June 2018, and since then has slid back down to below 12 cents.
  • Net Milk Income over Total Feed Costs for the lactating herd using actual milk price fell from a high of $7.83 per cow per day in September 2017 to a low of $5.30 per cow per day in February 2017.

By plotting your own monthly numbers on these charts, you can see how your farms has changed versus the average for all the participating farms. Important questions to ask when looking at the monthly trend analysis are:

  • How are we changing versus the average?
  • If we’re improving, why?
  • If we’re falling behind, why?

If you would like to participate in the Dairy Profit Monitor, please visit the website or visit with your local dairy extension educator.

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