2017 Summer Dairy Research Update: Heifer Reproduction & Hypocalcemia


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Reducing Replacement Heifers Rearing Cost through
Improved Reproductive Management
Replacement cows generated by the heifer rearing enterprise are critical to the future of dairy farms. Nevertheless, raising heifers represents a major cost burden accounting for as much as 15 to 20% of the total cost of production. Thus, minimizing the duration of the non lactating period by reducing days to pregnancy can help reduce farm operating costs. We will present new research data evaluating different reproductive management programs for dairy heifers in commercial dairy farms. The impact of these strategies on the reproductive performance and economics of heifers during their non-lactating period and their first lactation will be discussed.

Fresh Cow Calcium Supplementation - To Treat or Not to Treat
A recent large trial conducted on farms in New York State has provided insight into which cows truly benefit from oral calcium supplementation. We will review the trial results to help you make practical decisions regarding post-calving calcium supplementation in your herds.

Supported by:

NY Farm Viability

Presenters will vary at individual sites, and will include:

Julio O. Giordano, DVM, MS PhD
Cornell University
St. John Family Sesquicentennial
Assistant Professor – Dairy Cattle Biology & Management
Department of Animal Science


Magdalena Masello Souza, DVM
Cornell University
PhD Student—Dairy Cattle Biology & Management Lab



Mark Thomas, DVM, DABVP-Dairy
Dairy Health & Management Services, LLC
(Amsterdam & Copenhagen)



Robert A. Lynch, DVM
Cornell University PRO-DAIRY Program
Herd Health & Management Specialist



Matt Curler, DVM
Dairy Health & Management Services, LLC



Bob Ceglowski, DVM, DABVP-Dairy
Dairy Health & Management Services, LLC




Date  Location Registration Information
August 23
7-9 PM
(optional farm tour at 6PM)
Stony Brook Farm
368 Youngs Corners Rd.
Amsterdam, NY
Dave Balbian
[email protected]
518. 312.3592
August 24
7-9 PM
Cornell Vet Teaching Dairy
Tulip Tree Drive
Ithaca, NY
Jen Atkinson
[email protected]
August 29
7-9 PM
Murcrest Heifer Barn
31721 State Rt 12
Copenhagen, NY
(Lynn and Peggy’s residence)
Tatum Langworthy
[email protected]
August 30
7-9 PM
Miner Institute
1034 Miner Farm Rd.
Chazy, NY
Tatum Langworthy
[email protected]
September 6
7-9 PM
Genesee Co CCE Office
420 E Main St.
Batavia, NY
Robert Lynch, DVM
[email protected]
September 7
7-9 PM
Farm Credit Office
394 State Rt 29
Greenwich, NY
Robert Lynch, DVM
[email protected]