56th National DHIA Annual Meeting & Field Service Managers’ Meeting

National DHIA

National DHIA Annual Meeting March 10-11, 2021

Field Service Managers’ Meeting February 2 and 4, 2021

The National DHIA and QCS Boards of Directors and the staff have been planning the 56th National DHIA Annual Meeting and shoulder meetings such as the Leadership Session and Field Service Managers’ Meeting.  In an effort to have a workable set of meetings and risk management for these meetings, the National DHIA Board and staff decided the 2021 meetings would be held in a virtual format in February and March of 2021.  This allows for financial, health and travel concerns to appropriately be managed by individuals and organizations that will be participating in these upcoming meetings.

The format of the meetings will be all virtual and expected to be 2.5 hours each day for the meeting sessions. The agendas, topics and technology platform will be forwarded in early January for your information.  The tentative schedule is as follows:

Field Service Managers’ Meeting (all times Central)

Tuesday, February 2             1000 am to 1230 pm

Thursday, February 4            1000 am to 1230 pm

NDHIA Leadership Meeting and Annual Meeting (all times Central)

Wednesday, March 10          1000 am to 1230 pm

Thursday, March 11              1000 am to 1230 pm

The NDHIA Board and staff also determined that in these unprecedented times, in order to facilitate and ease of delegate and management participation, both the National DHIA Annual Meeting and Field Service Managers’ Meeting will have no registration fee for 2021. There will be registration required for each of the meetings with the registration to be handled in January.  Also, delegates will need to be identified for the annual meeting voting purposes.

The Scholarship Fund Auction will have a different format which is being determined at the present time.  Further details will be forwarded in early January.

Some of the shoulder meetings such as the QCS Advisory Meeting will be scheduled in the weeks before or after the National DHIA Annual meeting.

Thank you for understanding these important changes and efforts serving the business, training, collaboration and education of the DHI sector of the dairy industry.

Watch for meeting updates at www.dhia.org

Continuing the collaborative efforts of National DHIA

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