80th Minnesota Nutrition Conference

Conference to focus on impact of current technologies on future animal production

The University of Minnesota is hosting the 80th edition of Minnesota Nutrition Conference on September 18 and 19, 2019 at Mankato Civic Center (formerly Mankato Verizon Center) in Mankato, MN (http://www.mnnutritionconf.umn.edu/). The focus of the general session, on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 18, is on the Impact of Current Technologies On Future Animal Production. The pre-conference symposium, sponsored by Origination O2D, Inc, on the morning of Wednesday, September 18, will have the title Nutrition Solutions for Healthy and Productive Livestock and will cover mineral nutrition of dairy cows, pigs and poultry, and new discoveries in managing the transition dairy cow.

“The Minnesota Nutrition Conference is the premier source of information for industry-based and academic nutrition professionals involved in technical support, decision-making and strategic development. The conference relies on participation by academic and practitioners, who are leading experts in their fields, to convey the latest research, information and best practices,” said Alfredo DiCostanzo, Ph.D., conference co-chair and professor of beef cattle nutrition and management. During our General Session, we will discuss impacts of current technology applications on the future of animal production. Topics addressed will range from consumer perspective on animal disease and elements of feed conversion efficiency, impacts of beef production systems on productivity and consumer preferences, the role of omics in animal nutrition, and an update on animal protein and feed ingredient markets.

During the second day, the conference assembled experts in ruminant and monogastric nutrition. Experts will cover topics related to nutrition of cattle in transition (dairy and beef), growth management, the role of micronutrients on health and productivity, traditional and alternative feed sources, risk assessment of the vitamin supply chain and the latest information on African Swine Fever.

Recognizing the importance of disseminating quality research findings and offering further networking opportunities for graduate students, ARPAS and the conference committee are offering an opportunity for graduate students to compete in the 4th Minnesota Nutrition Conference Graduate Student Competition (1 contribution per graduate student for a maximum selection of 16 contributions). If interested, please go to the conference website (http://www.mnnutritionconf.umn.edu/arpas/arpas-graduate-student-competition) for details.

As in years past, a compilation of all speaker manuscripts and recognition of sponsors will be included in the official conference Proceedings. The conference has applied with ARPAS for 8 continuing education credits.

The conference is grateful for the support from industry sponsors. “We are able to host an event of this quality, featuring the top experts in our field because of the support we receive from our industry. We offer a special thank you to all of our conference sponsors,” said John Goihl, conference co-chair and owner of 3-D Nutrition Services, LLC.



Early bird-registration (pre-registration) is open online until September 12 (https://www.regonline.com/80MNNutrition ). Pre-registration is $200; standard registration rate (onsite) is $225.

The full conference agenda and the complete list of sponsors, among other conference details, is hosted at the Minnesota Nutrition Conference website: http://www.mnnutritionconf.umn.edu/ .

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