A dairy herd in Co Fermanagh Ireland has been left devastated after a suspected outbreak of Botulism.

Although not confirming botulism as the cause of the deaths of the cattle, a spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) did confirm that department officials had visited the farm.

In a statement, the department spokesperson said: “DAERA veterinary officers visited a farm in Co Fermanagh following reports of the death of a number of cattle.

“After initial investigations it has been determined that the cause is unlikely to be a notifiable disease under the Diseases of Animals (NI) Order 1981. Tests are ongoing to establish the cause.”

It has been reported that the farm in question is believed to have had a herd of approximately 170 cattle. However, that number has been decimated to around 40 animals in the last three days.

Ulster Farmers’ Union, deputy president, David Brown, says the Botulism outbreak on the farm was one of the worst scenes he had ever witnessed and that the community are devastated for the farmer who has had to deal with such an outbreak.

“No one wants to see their livestock suffer and this is a terrible loss for the farmer and his business,” he said.

The DAERA website confirms the serious nature of Botulism, however it is not a notifiable disease and no statutory action is taken in cases or suspected cases.

Link: https://www.farminglife.com/farming-news/suspected-outbreak-of-botulism-on-dairy-farm-1-8717172

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