A Message From NEDPA’s Executive Director


Hello NEDPA Members,

We realize these times are unprecedented and you have information coming at you from all directions.   We want you to know that NEDPA, as well as our other industry partners are here to be a resource for you.  No question is silly and if you are questioning “here say”, we are also here to try and help you find the facts.   We have had many calls over the past week from members questioning if roads/milk trucks will be shut down, will milk plants close, will feed mills close, how do we talk to our workers, and many other questions.  We are sharing your concerns and questions with Ag & Markets, Cornell, and other industry partners.   We are all committed to helping everyone through this.  Please understand however, the guidance changes daily, sometime hourly, so bare with us and our leaders of the state.

The Department of Ag & Markets has responded to our written and verbal concerns assuring us that the State recognized the importance of dairy and other producers.

Those of you who have social media pages for your farm, now is the time to share positive stories about your farm and the dedication of your team.   Your commitment to producing nutritious, wholesome milk for both fluid milk and dairy products is key.

We keep hearing we must support each other.  Our industry has always done that.   It is one of the most heart-warming parts of being part of this industry.   We will all continue to do so.  Please know that we are here to help.   — Tonya Van Slyke

NEDPA members are encouraged to contact staff for help navigating questions, concerns snd situations that arise on your farm in relation to COVID-19 and the resulting suggested and mandated directives:

Tonya Van Slyke: tonya@nedpa.org / 315-283-8932
Alyssa Kealy:  alyssa@nedpa.org/ 315-523-4223

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