A New Slate for Dairy

VentureFuel, Inc.

The President of Chobani, Head of Investments at Zx Ventures, 1000 consumers and a slew of beverage industry experts helped us determine the winner of NY MilkLaunch, our product innovation competition with NY State Department of Agriculture & Markets. Slate Milk is a perfect example of the customer focus and evolution that Mayur speaks about above. They took something they loved growing up – chocolate milk – and wondered why they stopped drinking it as they hit their 20s. Given

its health benefits, could they evolve it for a millennial consumer? Make it lactose-free, retain the protein, lose any added sugar and make it “cool”? In many ways, they are giving milk a new slate and certainly tapping into a new audience. Check out more here.
VentureFuel is hiring! We want someone crazy smart — the kind of person who is laser focused on superior outcomes and less concerned with traditional approaches. The kind of person who launches a Mario Lopez Lifetime Movie for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The kind of person who thinks, “wait, wouldn’t people pay to sleep on my couch for a few nights and isn’t that what a hotel is?” (congrats Airbnb on the +$100bn valuation). You get to work with the world’s biggest brands, the top investors and the next great startup founders. You get to be an analyst, a mentor, a partner, a builder, and you will have a front row seat to what’s next. Learn more and apply here.

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