A Smart Choice: 1HO11665 GENIUS


If proofs were an IQ test, this bull would be off the charts. 1HO11665 Co-op RB Mntrs GENIUS-ET excels in transmitting the traits desired by today’s dairy producers – longevity, health and optimal body size and condition – without sacrificing yield and udder traits.

His dam CO-OP ROBUST GALINA 6447-ET (VG-87, VG MS)

GENIUS is a Montross son hailing from the GENEX program. His dam, Co-op Robust Galina 6447-ET, VG-87, VG-MS, is backed by Welcome Galina CRI-ET, GP-84 and Welcome Goldwyn Gracie-ET, EX-90, EX-MS.

In recent years, Galina 6447 has made a big impact on the cooperative’s breeding program through her many sons and daughters. In turn, those offspring, like GENIUS, are beginning to make big impacts on dairies around the globe. GENIUS is a complete package sire transmitting plentiful production, excellent udder attachments, outstanding feet and legs, and tremendous longevity.

“GENIUS’ impeccably balanced genomic evaluation should come as no surprise,” remarks GENEX Dairy Procurement Specialist Dan Bauer. “When closely analyzing his four-generation sire stack one quickly realizes that he combines a line of sires who each offer their own generational strength, namely extreme production from Montross, combined fat and protein from Robust, elite type from Goldwyn, and finally breed-leading productive life and longevity from Jeeves.”


Bauer summarizes the pedigree’s impact noting, “When reviewing GENIUS’ genomic evaluation, it appears he inherited a combo of the very best characteristics his parents had to offer.”

A Family Affair

Today, GENIUS’ dam and numerous family members are a driving force at River-Bridge Holsteins in Brillion, Wisconsin.

At River-Bridge, Galina 6447 is bred and will calve again. As Cory Ott of River-Bridge describes, “This cow really highlights the GENEX breeding philosophy. She’s average sized, breeds back, has the perfect amount of dairy strength and works extremely well in our freestall operation.” In other words, Galina 6447 is a prime example of an ideal commercial cow working hard in a commercial dairy environment.

Two full sisters to GENIUS are being flushed extensively at River-Bridge. Plus, about 15 maternal sisters from this prolific cow family reside at the dairy. In the coming weeks, the first GENIUS calves will be added to the herd as well – calves that Ott is looking forward to.

While GENIUS calves are poised to enter the River-Bridge herd and other herds around the globe, additional Galina 6447 sons are earning a name for themselves. 1HO11346 GALLOWAY, a bull that sires great udders, adds daughter fertility and decreases incidence of metritis, already has calves on the ground. The genomic-proven 1HO13162 GHOST, a type and udder specialist; 1HO12800 GAGE, a high genetic merit and calving ease sire; and 1HO12781 GUINESS, excelling in fertility and health traits, have semen available and confirm the high genetic credentials of this cow family.

A Balanced Sire


GENIUS’ tremendously balanced combination of production, health & longevity, and functional type make him sought after by today’s commercial producers, and it is the reason he ranks at the top of the GENEX Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index.

Released in August 2014, the ICC$ index was developed as the answer to producers’ requests for a better way to rank bulls designed to breed for farm profitability and efficiency. The ICC$ index is the summation of five sub-indexes providing opportunity to emphasize genetic selection for specific areas of farm management (Production Efficiency, Health, Fertility and Fitness, Milking Ability and Calving Ability).

GENIUS ranks high for the Health sub-index focused on sustainable health and longevity, proper body condition, low somatic cell and excellent locomotion with his +8.9 Productive Life, 104 Body Condition Score, 108 Mastitis Resistance.

He’s also among the elite for the ICC$ Production Efficiency sub-index, meaning he’ll produce high yielding, feed efficient cows, as well as the Milking Ability sub-index, which optimizes trouble-free milking cows.

GENIUS ranks well across the board on other indexes too. According to August 2017 proof data, he stands at +857 LNM$ and +2707 TPI®. He excels in overall conformation with a +1.58 PTA Type, +2.38 Udder Composite and +1.96 Foot & Leg Composite.


With a complete genetic package, GENIUS is a suitable sire choice for all types of breeding programs. As Bauer explains, he’s got the traits desired by today’s producers: “Being one of Montross’ highest sons for Lifetime Net Merit dollars and Productive Life, breeders can look to GENIUS to sire medium-sized, trouble-free, long-lasting and profitable cows that possess the kind of udders and feet and legs that dairy producers across the globe will appreciate.”