Adding solar just got easier

Metal roofs a popular choice for out buildings, barns, storage sheds and homes in rural areas because of their durability and low maintenance requirements. Adding solar to those roofs can be a great option, but typically installing solar panels on a metal roof requires sourcing a product that is customized to that roof type. Not anymore.

Sunflare is introducing LiteMount – the world’s lightest framed solar module system that fits every metal roof attachment and metal profile in the market. This lightweight solar system is less than 1-lb per square foot installed. That is approximately a quarter of the weight of most installed silicon framed modules. And, you can order one panel and use it on any of your metal roofs.


  • Sunflare’s LiteMount is the only lightweight module that seamlessly integrates with every existing metal roof attachment system. Lightweight solar system − Less than 1 lb per square foot installed.
  • At almost 4 lbs per square foot, silicon is too heavy to be installed on many metal roofs.
  • Withstands winds of 125 mph
  • Shatterproof. Only glassless mounted panel.
  • Easy to install. Mechanically attaches with universal clamps in 3 quick steps.
  • Combat shading with bypass diodes at every cell
  • Warranty for product workmanship and power production: 25-years.
  • UL, IEC certified.

Our mission is to reduce CO2, so it’s imperative to find innovative ways to go where traditional solar can’t. That’s what Sunflare does. We break through the barriers that constrain solar installments.

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