Advances in Electrical Installations with Solid State Devices

Fiske Electric, Johnstown, Colo., works closely with their clients to design and build dairies ranging in size from 700 to 8,000 cows. While layout and designs change, one common theme is present — optimize the electrical service assemblies to maximize the quality of life for the herd, for efficiency and safety, while minimizing the needed space.

Fiske approached supplier Accurate Control, Houston, Tex., for a motor control solution. The challenge was to fit 180 motor controllers — direct and reversing — rated at up to 3 horse power, into a 72”x72”x16” enclosure. All powered by a 900-ampere main breaker, motors provided ventilation to the barn and operating milking parlor curtains.

Using MOTUS® hybrid motor starters, plugging directly into CrossBoard®, Accurate Control eliminated all primary side wiring. MOTUS® is a solid-state device, controlling up to 5 hp motors. Once the motor is up to speed, the controller shunts through a physical set of contacts, allowing the device to run cool. Fuses inside the MOTUS® starter provide short circuit protection and a dipswitch on the face of MOTUS® can be set for electronic overload protection. The CrossBoard housing combines mechanical fastening and electrical connection reducing the labor for panel wiring by more than 70%.

At half the width of direct IEC motor controllers and one-quarter the width of a set of reversing contacts, MOTUS saves space. Mission accomplished. Facility owners continue to pressure system engineers to optimize plant floor square footage at the expense of space in the electrical room. Pressure to downsize electrical assemblies is growing.

Advancements in power distribution busbar systems and solid-state hybrid motor controllers optimize the space required for across-the-line direct and reversing motor starters. More than 50% space savings and labor is optimized with the plug-and-play wiring of CrossBoard® and MOTUS® hybrid motor starters. For information, contact your electrical contractor or go to


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