Ag Resource Management, a New Agricultural Lender Providing Operating Capital Solutions, Coming to Bad Axe, Michigan

While asset-based lending (ABL) has been available to more traditional industries for decades, it is relatively new to the agricultural space. Ag Resource Management (ARM) is an asset-based lender that provides operating capital specifically for the purpose of growing crops. Their mission is to bring “Wall Street” financial solutions to rural America.

With 33 locations nationwide and offices located in 18 states, ARM is quickly becoming a national leader in agricultural specialty financial solutions. ARM focuses on the American farmer’s need for fast, creative financial solutions where the crop stands for the crop without encumbering other assets.

When asked about the incredible growth of ARM, Brad Terral, company Executive Chairman responded, “It’s really simple to us; we believe that there are many farmers and their families that are fulfilling their purpose serving in places all over rural America, in places just like Bad Axe, Mich. Additionally we have an existing location in Richland, Mich. The past five years have been particularly tough for many ag producers. We feel it is our purpose to bring the type of financial solutions available elsewhere to farmers where it makes sense.”

John Krusoe, company CEO adds, “We’re excited about the opportunity to bring alternative sources of capital to America’s farmers. After several years of depressed commodity prices, farmers have found it increasingly difficult to secure the level of operating capital necessary to fulfill their needs. ARM’s consultative approach and proprietary underwriting platform has helped to fill to this growing need within the ag space.”

According to Billy Moore, ARM’s COO: “We believe that one of the most important advocates a farmer can have on his team is a lender that provides immediate funding, so the farmer can produce a timely, well managed crop. ARM prides itself on working closely with our borrowers, traditional banks, distributors and third-party credit providers in order to facilitate a well-designed, holistic approach to a farmer’s financing.”

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