Agri-Business Educational Foundation Now NAMA Foundation

The Agri-Business Educational Foundation (ABEF) is now the NAMA Foundation. The foundation announced its name change at the 2018 Agri-Marketing Conference in Kansas City.

The NAMA Foundation is the backbone of Student NAMA and supports the future of agri-marketing through the Student NAMA program. This helps to ensure a strong future for the agri-marketing industry by providing students the tools they need to succeed.

Student NAMA chapters build leadership skills and networks. Students begin advancing their professional careers while still in college and many remain involved in NAMA throughout their tenure in agri-marketing.

The NAMA Foundation supports the student chapters in many ways, including multiple scholarships, awards and the Student NAMA Careers Program which connects students to professionals in their area for networking and mentorship opportunities. They also support the Student Marketing Competition which takes place every April with approximately 30 collegiate student chapters competing.

For more information about the NAMA Foundation or to donate, please visit: or contact Jenny Pickett at (913) 491-6500 (