Agrial Group to acquire German dairy company Rotkäppchen

French agricultural co-operative Agrial Group has agreed a deal to acquire German dairy company Rotkäppchen Peter Jülich Group for an undisclosed sum.

Rotkäppchen produces a variety of speciality cheeses made from both cow and goat’s milk through its Rotkäppchen, Rüdenger Badejunge and Der Grüne Altenburger brands, and its Der Grüne Altenburger range is one of the leading goat’s cheese brands in Germany.

The acquisition should be completed in January 2019, subject to the approval of the German competition authority, and will expand the portfolio of the company’s Eurial dairy division.

Agrial says that the acquisition will significantly enhance its position in the growing German cheese market, bolstering its international operations.

Pascal Le Brun, president of Agrial said: “This acquisition will be a new and determined step in our quest to create value for the cooperative’s dairy farmers.

“Our aim is to be less dependent on the global commodities markets by strengthening the weight of our brands and our international business.

Olivier Athimon, CEO of Eurial added: “This investment in Germany is directly in phase with our projects in Italy and Spain, bolstering our international development first and foremost with a stronger presence in Europe.

“Finding a partner who is present on the cow’s and goat’s cheese markets is a real advantage for Eurial’s development in Germany.”

Peter Jülich, owner of Rotkäppchen said: “This is a long-term strategy that is built step-by-step and for which all the elected farmers and teams are dedicating all their energy, for our farmer-members.”

“Selling our family-owned company to Agrial, whose cooperative values are very close to ours, would be an important guarantee for the longevity of the company and the future of our employees.

“In a cheese market that is flourishing in Germany, this acquisition would also represent an opportunity to continue to develop our brands and consolidate our sales teams with new brands that are famous in France.”

Earlier this year, Agrial bolstered its international business with the acquisition of UK-based cider producer Aston Manor Cider, also for an undisclosed figure.

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