CA: AgXscape! The first agriculture and dairy themed escape room opens at Hilmar Cheese Company’s Visitor Center on June 11 – Celebrate June Dairy Month!

You have always wondered what it is like have a farm. Now your team is managing Bob’s dairy. You get a call from a neighbor that there is a severe situation. You must quickly follow the emergency instructions to find the vaccines to save the cows! You only have 30 minutes!”


This is the storyline for Hilmar Cheese Company’s AgXscape Room, the first agriculture and dairy themed escape room in the U.S.

Escape rooms are a new entertainment activity where players use teamwork, communication, creative thinking, determination and a sense of urgency to find clues, decipher puzzles and solve activities to complete the challenge!

AgXscape is different. If you have done other escape rooms, the activities are different than others can offer. These are dairy farm challenges you won’t experience unless you hang out with a dairy farmer.

“People are becoming more interested in learning about where their food comes from,” explained Denise Skidmore, director of education and public relations for Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. “We wanted a fun way to immerse guests into some of the tasks and technology dairy families use to take care of their cows. Our room is not frightening and it is something that families and friends can do together.”


The room is designed for 2-6 players ages 9 and older, but even younger family members can contribute. Ages 14 and older can play in groups on their own making it a great activity for 4-H and FFA officer teams, youth groups, and leadership teams.

It is a 30 minute challenge and the fee is $15 per person or you can book a private event room for a discounted price of $60 for up to six people. Book online at

So, if you are looking for something fun, new and different for Father’s Day, try AgXscape!