Alltech hosts 8th annual Family Dairy Day soccer tournament

Nearly 200 employees, friends and families from area dairies gathered at Pioneer Park in Brookings, South Dakota, on June 27 to participate in Alltech’s eighth annual Family Dairy Day. Alltech hosts this event every June in celebration of National Dairy Month. One of the most anticipated elements of Family Dairy Day is the soccer tournament featuring dairy employees. This year, nine dairies participated in the tournament, and the team from Sioux River Dairy walked away with the Yea-Sacc® Cup trophy for the second year in a row.



Alltech is proud to host the soccer tournament, which supports the community and helps create a positive environment for the dairies, encouraging employee retention.

“People say cows come first, but if we don’t put the employees first, there is no way the cows can prosper,” said Jorge Delgado, on-farm dairy specialist with Alltech. “In order to improve cow welfare, we also need to improve employee welfare and treat our employees well.”

Earlier in June, Alltech took 12 dairy producers to the CONCACAF Gold Cup, held in St. Paul, Minnesota. The dairy owners in attendance were appreciative of the team-building opportunity and are looking forward to attending again next year.



“We are promoting employee retention on the dairies by building a community around soccer,” said Delgado.

For more information on how to get involved in Alltech Family Dairy Day 2020, contact [email protected]

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