Alltech launches nationwide on-farm dairy support network

In response to the mounting challenges faced by America’s dairy industry, Alltech has launched a program to provide experts and resources to support farmers. The Alltech Dairy On-Farm Support program includes a team of experienced, elite dairy advisors from across the U.S. who will act as a resource for nutritionists, producers and laborers in order to help them reach goals, solve problems and lay a foundation for a profitable and sustainable future.



The four key areas of focus and the advisors include:

  • Herd analytics: Dr. Jeffrey Bewley and Jeff Johnson
    • Integrating data to better understand and improve herd profitability.
    • Taking a systems approach to managing the interconnected parts of the dairy operation as well as using data and cow-based observations to improve overall profitability and efficiency.
  • Talent development
    : Jorge Delgado and Ulises Salas
    • Offering English and Spanish training programs on topics ranging from udder anatomy to mastitis and parlor procedures for dairy employees.
    • Establishing and maintaining necessary training and communication between employers and employees.
  • Forage quality: Derek Wawak and Pat Crowley
    • Analyzing forage quality at all levels, including bunker density measurements, mold and yeast counts, and mycotoxin testing, utilizing the necessary tools to evaluate forage.
    • Evaluating how forage is being utilized by cows through manure screenings, the Penn State Particle Separator and video footage from time lapse cameras to provide each dairy with the necessary information to ensure each cow is getting the most from her feed.
  • Cow comfort: Dr. Luke Miller and Matt Neumayer
    • Observing the unique aspects of each dairy to provide custom solutions for each herd in order to achieve peak potential.
    • Ensuring cows are comfortable to help them be as productive and efficient as possible.

“We developed the Alltech On-Farm Support as a further commitment to American dairy producers to provide support and solutions to create a foundation for a profitable and sustainable future,” said Dan Weiland, U.S. dairy business manager at Alltech. “Our experienced team of elite dairy advisors work alongside nutritionists, producers and laborers to analyze specific needs and develop custom programs for dairies.”

For more information about the Alltech Dairy On-Farm Support program and to contact an elite advisor, visit

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