Alltech Wisconsin announces winner of Most Valuable Employee Award

Alltech Wisconsin recognizes the value of employees who possess an exceptional work ethic, exhibit integrity and engage in their responsibilities. As such, Alltech Wisconsin is pleased to present the Most Valuable Employee (MVE) Award in recognition of the most valuable employee on a dairy farm.

Awarded on Thursday, Dec. 5, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Marcos Ramirez with Larson Acres Dairy received the Alltech Wisconsin 2019 MVE Award.



“We all have four drivers of motivation in life,” said Jorge Delgado, manager of the Alltech Training, Talent Development and Retention Program for Dairy Workers (Alltech T²R Program). “If we can make sure that those drivers are achieved by our employees, we; as an industry will fix the problem of retaining good employees in our business.  The drive to acquire, the drive to comprehend, the drive to defend and the drive to bond are the fundament of recognizing employees so they can see this industry as the one to from a path in their lives.”

“Marcos is so passionate, and he wants the farm to be successful,” said Sandy Larson, owner of Larson Acres Dairy. “I never doubt he’s going to do the best job possible. He is a great team player especially with the rest of his coworkers.”

The best employees add value to the dairy by thriving in their roles, maintaining their responsibilities, creating a safe and positive work environment for their co-workers, and speaking highly of their employers, both on and off the farm in the Alltech Wisconsin region (which includes Wisconsin, Minnesota and northern Illinois). When dairy farms and their employees develop long-term relationships, everyone involved reaps valuable benefits.



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