American Dairy Association Mideast leaders

American Dairy Association Mideast

Serving about 1,700 dairy farmers in Ohio and West Virginia


The Board of Directors for American Dairy Association Mideast, the dairy promotion checkoff program serving about 1,700 dairy farmers in Ohio and West Virginia, elected their 2021 officers during their annual re-organization meeting.

  • Chair: Greg Conrad of New Holland, OH
  • Vice Chair: Mark Hoewischer of Mechanicsburg, OH
  • Secretary: Lois Douglass of Marshallville, OH
  • Treasurer: Joe Miley of West Salem, OH

Greg Conrad and Mark Hoewischer were elected to continue to represent ADA Mideast on the United Dairy Industry Association board. In addition, Lois Douglass was recently appointed by the USDA Secretary of Agriculture to serve on the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board.

The American Dairy Association Mideast Board of Directors consists of 15 members representing dairy farmers in Ohio and West Virginia. One non-voting advisory director is appointed annually to represent Ohio’s dairy processing and manufacturing community.

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