America’s leading landowners increase holdings

The Land Report

Major developments involving America’s leading landowners highlight the Land Report 100

With more than 2.2 million acres, Liberty Media chairman John Malone remains America’s largest private landowner. But there’s a new No. 2. California’s Emmerson Family, owners of Sierra Pacific Industries, moved up almost 122,000 acres to 2,078,032 acres, just ahead of No. 3 Ted Turner at 2 million acres.



Thanks to his acquisition of 311,000 acres from Alabama’s McDonald Family, Subway cofounder Peter Buck jumped from No. 9 to No. 7 with a total of 1,236,000 acres of Maine timberland. The McDonalds, who previously ranked No. 24, fell to No. 92.

“The real estate market has proven to be good right now for buyers and sellers, as we had over 40 percent increase in 2019 land sales over the record year before,” said Dax Hayden, Managing Partner at Hayden Outdoors. “There’s always some fluctuation in the land ownership market, especially with political, international, and environmental cycles. But we keep listing ranches, farms, and recreational properties, and buyers continue to invest,” says Hayden.



“I am continually astonished at the scale of investment made by members of the Land Report 100. Billions of dollars were directed at this resilient asset class, enhancing it and strengthening it for all Americans,” says Land Report Publisher Eddie Lee Rider Jr.

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