Announcement of Class and Component Prices for February 2018

Release date: February 28, 2018

Class II Price:                             13.44   (per hundredweight)
Class II Butterfat Price:                  2.3560   (per pound)
Advanced Class II
Skim Milk Price 1/:                          5.38   (per hundredweight)

Class III Price:                            13.40   (per hundredweight)
Class III Skim Milk Price:                   5.37   (per hundredweight)

Class IV Price:                             12.87   (per hundredweight)
Class IV Skim Milk Price:                    4.82   (per hundredweight)

Butterfat Price:                           2.3490   (per pound)
Nonfat Solids Price:                       0.5352   (per pound)
Protein Price:                             1.6265   (per pound)
Other Solids Price:                        0.0550   (per pound)

Somatic Cell Adjustment Rate:             0.00074   (per 1,000 somatic cell count)

Product Price Averages:
     Butter                                2.1112   (per pound)
     Nonfat Dry Milk                       0.7084   (per pound)
     Cheese                                1.4727   (per pound)
     Dry Whey                              0.2525   (per pound)

1/ January 2018 Advanced Price Announcement