Are you as smart as a Dairy Bowl competitor?

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Are you as smart as an Oneida Co. 4-H youth Dairy Bowl competitor?

Do you know what TMR stands for when feeding dairy livestock? What is the name for an animal doctor? Or what is the name of the first milk produced by a cow after she gives birth?



The answer is: Total Mixed Ration. Did you know an animal doctor is called a veterinarian and colostrum is a baby calves 1st meal? How did you do? These are some of the questions that 4-H members answer in Dairy Bowl Contests.

Dairy Bowl, which is a dairy knowledge contest done in a quiz bowl format allows youth to test their dairy knowledge in a fun and exciting game. On March 9th, at South Lewis High School, 4-H youth competed in the Regional 4-H Dairy Bowl Contest. Oneida County was represented by both a senior and junior team.

The Junior team was comprised of Isabella Van Lieshout of Verona, Elizabeth Schieferstine of Vernon, Mason Ziemba of Durhamville and Rebecca Schieferstine of Vernon. The Junior Team placed 4th overall with one of the team members placing in the Top 10 for individuals: Mason Ziemba was 4th.

The Senior Team was comprised of Layla Van Lieshout of Verona, Jacinta Van Lieshout of Verona, Christopher Van Lieshout of Verona and Timothy Van Lieshout of Verona. The Senior Team placed 2nd overall with three of the team members placing in the Top 10 for individuals: Christopher Van Lieshout placing 1st, Layla Van Llieshout was 9th and Timothy Van Lieshout was 10th.

Congratulations to Mason and Christopher who will represent Oneida County at the NYS Dairy Bowl Competition on April 27th at Cornell University!

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