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The Animal Agriculture Alliance’s 2020 Virtual Stakeholders Summit will leave you primed and prepared with the tools you need to take action and protect the future of animal agriculture and your business. The virtual event will take place on May 7 – 8 and in a series of pre-conference webinars. For more information and to register, visit



The 2020 Virtual Summit will feature sessions covering the threats animal rights and other activists pose along with securing your farm, ranch or plant.

Securing the Future of Animal Agriculture: Understanding Activist Threats
Animal rights activists are working to remove meat, poultry, milk and eggs from consumers’ plates. In this session, Kay Johnson Smith, president and CEO of the Animal Agriculture Alliance, will provide an update on how activist organizations are currently targeting farms, plants, events, and restaurant/retail/foodservice brands. Smith will offer insights into activism gained from her 25-plus year career monitoring activist activity and developing response strategies.

Getting Prepared: Farm Security Advice
Farms, ranches, plants, ag businesses and organizations, restaurants and retail locations are all targets for activist activity and need to be implementing security measures. Each panelist will offer advice from their unique perspectives as legal, law enforcement and security experts. How to respond to current and emerging activist tactics including protests, trespassing on farms, and “undercover” employees will be covered in the conversation.

  • Jim Naugle, assistant sheriff with the Sonoma County (Ca.) Sheriff’s Office, has worked in law enforcement for more than two decades. Naugle has played an integral role in managing several large-scale protests on Sonoma County farms held by animal rights activist organizations in recent years.
  • Jim Rovers, senior vice president of operations for AFIMAC, is a security expert with more than 25 years experience. His specialties include intelligence and protection surrounding animal activists, protests and demonstrations, threat risk assessments, investigations, secure transportation and cargo theft.
  • John Sancenito is the president of Information Network Associates (INA), an international investigative and corporate consulting firm. Sancenito’s professional experience includes more than 12 years as a sworn law enforcement officer and 18 years as a private investigator and security consultant.
  • Brianna Schroeder, attorney with Jansen Agricultural Law, focuses on working for farmers and agribusinesses in her legal practice. Schroeder has litigated complex environmental and agricultural matters and has represented a wide variety of clients from start-up companies and livestock farmers to large agricultural businesses, trade groups and municipalities.

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Why attend the 2020 Summit?
“The greatest benefit to attending the Stakeholders Summit is to gather the wealth of knowledge the speakers and Animal Ag Alliance staff have to share. They know more than anyone about the threats and activities of those opposed to animal agriculture, threats and activities we wouldn’t otherwise see. I would encourage anyone involved in animal agriculture to attend the Summit and learn more about the Alliance. You’ll definitely benefit from what they have to offer.” Says Rhonda Campbell, Sustainability Manager, Smithfield. Learn More.

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