Armenta and Cowsultants Announce Distribution Agreement for North America


Israeli-based Armenta has pioneered a non-invasive Acoustic Pulse Technology to help treat mastitis in dairy cows

Armenta has teamed up with Cowsultants, a dairy consulting firm based in Colorado, to market its Acoustic Pulse Technology (APT) to dairy farmers in North America. APT has been used for the last 20 years in human healthcare treating inflammatory diseases, and Armenta is the first company to develop APT-X, a therapy specifically for treating bovine mastitis. APT can be used to treat the udder non-invasively and without the use of antibiotics.



Gil Hakim, CEO of Armenta, said, “We are pleased to be partnering with Cowsultants in North American. As a start-up, not unlike Armenta, this team brings to the table a unique, producer-minded energy, decades of experience in this important dairy market, and a shared passion for sustainable farming. With APT, dairy farmers in the U.S. and Canada can now improve the welfare of their animals and produce the highest quality milk possible all while reducing their antibiotic use.”

Clinical and subclinical mastitis affects 30 percent of dairy cows each year and is regarded as the most significant economic burden on the dairy farm reducing milk yield and quality and increasing culling rate.

In a study published in a peer-reviewed journal, Armenta’s APT-X was applied to the infected quarter, non-invasively and without using antibiotics or other means, to over a thousand cows with clinical and subclinical mastitis. The results were clear: over 70 percent mastitis recovery rates, an increase in milk yield of over 10 percent, and a 70 percent reduction in culling rates.

Jim Mattox, CEO of Cowsultants, said, “Born and bred on a dairy farm and involved in the industry my entire career, I understand the stakes are high for producers looking to protect the quality of their milk, the welfare of their animals and the health of their pocketbooks. When my team and I learned about an alternative solution to antibiotics with positive scientific data, we were all in. APT-X will influence how farmers—and consumers—think about animal health.”



To learn more about Acoustic Pulse Therapy for dairy cattle, please visit or email for information about introducing APT-X on your dairy.

About Armenta

Armenta Ltd., an Agritech company, develops non-antibiotic mastitis therapies designed to transform the standard of care of dairy cattle diseases and prevent monetary losses associated with mastitis-causing pathogens. Armenta’s Acoustic Pulse Technology (APT) has been successfully treating cows with inflammatory and ischemic diseases for more than 20 years. Its non-invasive device helps produce new blood vessels, reduce inflammation, and improve tissue function with long-term effects and without the use of harmful and expensive antibiotics.

About Cowsultants

Cowsultants is a dairy marketing firm offering creative and dynamic solutions designed to elevate brands and bottom lines. Founder and owner, Jim Mattox, draws from his 20+ years of dairy and animal health experience to develop high-impact marketing and sales strategies for his customers.

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