Assets of One of New Mexico’s Largest Dairies Set for Auction and Sale

The dairy facility, livestock, farmland, ranches and equipment formerly used in the operations of Las Uvas Valley Dairies will be offered for sale by Overland Stockyard (“Overland”), Caprock Farm and Ranch Realty (“Caprock”), and Murray Wise Associates (“MWA”).  Philip Mitchell, the recently appointed liquidating trustee of Las Uvas Valley Dairies following the recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy, will be overseeing the sale of these assets.


Overland will be conducting a live on-site auction of the rolling stock, vehicles and farm machinery on Friday, August 3rd at 9:00AM MT. The 10,000+/- head dairy herd will be offered at auction on-site the following morning, Saturday, August 4th at 10 AM MT.

In a separate private listing, the dairy facilities and equipment, ranches, and farmland will be offered by Caprock and MWA. Included in this listing is a well maintained dairy complex with 20,000+/- lockups and a 9,000+/- heifer facility. The offering also includes a large farmland tract with approximately 2,500 acres under drip irrigation and two large ranch properties totaling over 60,000 acres of deeded, BLM and State leased ground with grazing allocations of over 900 animal units.


The dairy facilities, ranches and farmland may be toured immediately following the equipment and livestock auctions as well as by private appointment.

According to Mitchell, “These assets made up one of the largest dairy operations in New Mexico and the United States. The upcoming auctions and real estate offering provide an unprecedented opportunity for dairy operators, farmers, investors and ranchers to pick up cattle, equipment, vehicles, land and facilities in a variety of combinations to help expand and/or relocate their existing operations to New Mexico. I look forward to working with the professionals at Overland, Caprock and MWA to maximize the asset values for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the Liquidating Trust.”

For more information concerning the livestock, rolling stock, vehicles and farm machinery, contact Tyson Howze at Overland Stockyard (575-649-2663). For information concerning the dairy facilities and equipment, ranches and farmland, contact Shannon Killingsworth at Caprock Farm and Ranch Realty (575-644-3518) or Ken Nofziger at Murray Wise Associates (217-649-5849).