August 2018 5668 Route 11 Component Prices:

August is looking slightly brighter. Milk fat increased $0.07/lb, protein increased $0.14/lb, and solids increased 22%. For our example herd, component prices increased $0.77/cow/day. August PPD will likely decrease $0.90/cwt which will stifle mailbox price as Class I significantly decreased. September should hold a nice increase.


Cheese falls off through February then recovers. The average is $1.67/lb. NFDM is on an upward trend. The average is $0.96/lb which is up 4%.


Example Herd

85 pounds milk
3.9 % Fat
3.1 % Protein
5.7 % other solids

August 31, 2018 Future Prices

Class III milk rises to $16.71 in October then settles back $16 with an upward trend

Butter lags February when it increased for an average of $2.27/lb. Whey is generally trading down in the new year with an average of $0.40, up 12%.