Better heifers, better cows management Feb. 22 Wisconsin


Market volatility has been and continues to be a common theme is the dairy sector

Market volatility has been and continues to be a common theme is the dairy sector. UW-Extension Dairy Team’s annual Better Heifers, Better Cows Management Meeting will provide answers to building and implementing effective management strategies in raising heifers. Dairy farmers, custom heifer raisers, veterinarians, nutritionists and anyone with a concern with raising heifers should attend.

The “Better Heifers, Better Cows” Heifer Management Seminar is set for Friday, February 22, 2019, at Liberty Hall Conference & Banquet Center, 800 Eisenhower Drive, Kimberly. The seminar will be held 10 am to 3 pm, with registration beginning at 9:30 am.

Featured presenters include: Nigel Cook, Associate Professor, UW-School of Veterinary Medicine, ¨Corkscrew Claw Syndrome-An Unexpected Challenge” and the “Forgotten Herd-Housing the Growing Heifer”; Wayne Coblentz, Research Agronomist/Dairy Scientist, USDA-ARS, ¨Effects of Sorting Characteristics and Pen Overstocking on the Growth Performance of Pregnant Dairy Heifers”; Matt Akins, Dairy Replacement Specialist, UW-Extension, ¨Managing Heifer Inventory to Save Costs”; and Victor Cabrera, Dairy Management Specialist, UW-Extension “ Strategic Use of Sexed and Beef Semen on Heifers for Maximum Profitability”.

The registration fee is $40 per person and includes meals, breaks, and materials for the meeting prior to February 15. After February 15, an additional $10 fee will be accessed. Farmers, grower, managers, employees, industry professionals and others interested in dairy replacement management are encouraged to attend.

For additional meeting and registration information please visit For questions, please feel free to contact UW-Extension Fond du lac County Dairy & Livestock Agent Tina Kohlman at [email protected] or (920) 929.3180 or UW-Extension Oconto County Agriculture Agent Sarah Mills-Lloyd at [email protected] or 920.834.6849.

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