Big Differences in New York Dairy Farm Performance

Jason Karszes & Lauren Hill PRO-DAIRY Cornell

The second Preliminary Progress of the Farm DFBS Report has been released. As dairy businesses across New York State continue to analyze their financial and business performance utilizing the Dairy Farm Business Summary and Analysis Program, updated progress of the farm reports is provided to review the changes that have occurred from 2017 to 2018.


Along with how things changed from 2017, the range across selected factors for 2018 is reported in a business chart format, which reports the averages by 20 percent increments for each category summarized. With 73 farms included in this report, along with the average of all farms, the report includes preliminary data for farms less than and greater than 700 cows.

Highlighted ranges of performance from the 2nd preliminary report, for the average of all farms:

New York herd owners who want more information about this program can contact their Cooperative Extension office or PRO-DAIRY.


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