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As our future advocates, consumers and champions, it’s important to make dairy a part of the daily lives for students. Our Youth in Schools program works to build trust in farming and a love of dairy in K-12 kids.
With our programs, students and teachers get closer to dairy farming through the program’s key areas:
  • Fuel Up to Play 60: The nation’s leading in-school health and wellness program focused on eating healthy foods, including dairy, and being active.
  • Dairy in schools: Growing sales and protecting dairy’s place in school meals with new and innovative programs.
  • Dairy education and experience: Developing a positive perception with students about dairy farming and where their food comes from.
In light of the current situation, we have the opportunity to reach students virtually and we’re ready for it! We’re offering virtual dairy farm tours and partnering with online educational resources to make sure dairy stays top of mind. And, we continue working with schools and partners to ensure kids receive nutritious meals including milk.
These kids will be in the grocery store someday. We must reach them now to develop their trust in farming and love of dairy foods to create future dairy champions and advocates.

Connie Seefeldt
Proud Wisconsin Dairy Farmer
DFW Board Member representing District 2 – Florence, Forest, Langlade, Marinette, Oconto and Vilas Counties
National Dairy Promotion and Research Board Vice Chair

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