Burger King’s Campaign Disappoints California Dairy Group

Joel Hastings

Western United Dairies (WUD), the dairy service organization based in Modesto, Calif., says it is disappointed by the release of Burger King’s #CowsMenu campaign. WUD contends it is based on misleading information and a blatantly inaccurate portrayal of bovine biology.



“Burger King has stretched their ‘scientific’ data mis-educating American consumers. Their claims concerning greenhouse gases have been debunked by air quality specialists, beef industry experts and researchers who participated in the fast food chain’s study. Methane is now considered by the University of California, Davis, to be part of the biogenic carbon cycle and when expelled by cows -induces global COOLING by being absorbed by plants and consumed by cows!

“California is the global leader in sustainable dairy and beef production. In the last decade, producing a gallon of milk emitted 50% less greenhouse gases, all while using less land and decreased water consumption by 88%. According to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the dairy industry in California has already reduced its methane emissions by 50% since 2013.



“California dairy families are the nation’s top producing farms, continually refining our practices to meet the integrity our consumers expect from our products. Our farmers live and work the land everyday -Burger King should leave the farming practices to the original environmentalists – the farmers.

“But don’t take our word for it -take Dr. Frank Mitloehner’s word from the UC Davis CLEAR Center. https://youtu.be/UOPrF8oyDYw

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