CA: Alltech Crop Science Attains Organic Certification in California

Alltech Crop Science, the agronomic division of Alltech, has attained organic certification for three of its products: Specify®, Turn® and Viable®. The micronutrient fertilizers, distributed by Simplot Grower Solutions in California, are derived from fermentation technology and based on plant nutrigenomic research. These products are also listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and offer organic producers more options for combating the specific agricultural challenges of the region.

“We are excited to be able to provide organic growers in California with these innovative technologies to help maintain quality and improve yields in the same manner as we have done in conventional production systems,” said Dr. Steven Borst, Alltech Crop Science general manager.

Consumers are demanding more sustainably produced food. Growers are constantly seeking new ways to raise the bar in terms of both yield and quality while, at the same time, generating a good return on investment for their agronomic crop inputs, especially fertilizers.

“Providing a quality organic fertilizer throughout the entire growing season, during peak demand for crop nutrition, is the grower’s best opportunity to achieve desired results,” explained Jon Collison, Alltech Crop Science technical sales manager, who is looking forward to offering these technologies to expand the grower’s toolbox. “This is a game-changer for crops grown both organically and conventionally to feed a growing world population.”

 In California, Alltech Crop Science partners with Simplot Grower Solutions to serve the needs of local growers. To learn more about the full line of Alltech Crop Science products, contact your pest control advisor, Simplot Grower Solutions or Alltech Crop Science at or

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