CA: CDFA Seeks Nominations for New Cattle Board

CDFA is soliciting for nominations to the new California Cattle Council. The Council is authorized to carry out research related to California cattle production, improving industry efficiency and sustainability, the development of management practices, assistance with regulatory compliance, and monitoring public consumption patterns and trends. The Council will also develop consumer sales and educational programs designed to increase the use of products from the California cattle industry.



The Council will be funded by a mandatory $1 per head assessment on each sale of cattle and calves, levied on the seller. However, producers would be able to obtain a refund of assessments paid by submitting a claim to the Council. The assessment would not be charged on: 1) hides, skins, or the offal of animals, 2) cattle and calves transported for purposes other than sale or harvest and without a change in ownership, 3) cattle and calves harvested for personal use, or 4) cattle and calves weighing less than 200 pounds.

CDFA conducted a referendum to determine whether California cattle producers favored the implementation of a proposed Cattle Council. The results were certified showing that 68 percent of the producers who participated in the referendum voted in favor of the Council.

Those interested in serving or nominating an eligible person to serve may visit: (the “Go Cattle” website) or call CDFA’s Marketing Branch at 916-900-5018 to obtain nomination forms and additional instructions regarding this process.

A series of meetings of the Council’s newly appointed Board of Directors will be scheduled over the next few months to make organizational decisions and address matters before the Council.


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