CA: Celebrating 100 Years of Elevating Health

Tammy Anderson-Wise CEO, Dairy Council of California

Tammy Anderson-Wise CEO, Dairy Council of California

In 1919, California dairymen Sam Greene and Chester Earl Gray saw an opportunity to improve the health of schoolchildren by addressing rickets, a public health concern, through educating the public about milk and dairy foods’ important contribution to health, making milk and dairy foods available to students at school and providing students and families with access to nutrition education. Through their foresight, Dairy Council of California was formed.

A century later, our commitment to elevating the health of children and families has not wavered. The organization continues to lead, using science-based classroom curriculum centered on nutrition education; Mobile Dairy Classroom assemblies to help children understand where their food comes from; and nutrition programs to empower educators, health and wellness providers and community leaders with the knowledge, resources and support to teach children and families how to make healthy eating easier.

Dairy Council of California’s rich history as champion for children’s health and advocate of nutrition education to support community health continues to evolve and adapt for broader impact and greater effectiveness.

This report is Dairy Council of California’s 100-year brochure  here which highlights the organization’s legacy of elevating the health of more than 100 million Californians. Also included is a summary of the organization’s recent accomplishments and path forward, highlighting key programs and the four priority outcomes of Empowerment, Education, Access and Data.

These four priority outcomes provide the framework for tracking success, monitoring program effectiveness, reporting results and continually improving staff efforts, maximizing the investment value made by the dairy community into the organization.

Our expert team consists of registered dietitian nutritionists, nutrition educators and industry experts, informed by our proprietary Trends Tracking System. This system identifies health trends that impact the dairy community, anticipates topics of importance—such as the growth in plant-based diets and a drive toward sustainable eating patterns—and determines opportunities for the industry to ensure dairy continues to be part of a valued solution to optimal health.



The centennial anniversary is a pivotal moment for any organization. As I reflect on our past, I am proud to be part of Dairy Council of California’s accomplishments and am excited about what is ahead as we continue to positively impact the health of children and families in California and beyond.

Nutrition science and emerging research support dairy’s important role in healthy eating patterns, as envisioned by Sam and Chester 100 years ago. We are honored to support their legacy by continuing as leaders of this important cause now and in the future.

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