CA: Dairy Council of California to Continue Serving as Dairy Industry’s Voice for Community Health

Thanks to the support of California’s dairy farmers, processors and families, Dairy Council of California will continue carrying out its cause of elevating the health of children and families through the pursuit of lifelong healthy eating habits until at least 2023.

The announcement was made by the California Department of Food and Agriculture following a hearing in which more than 50 letters were received from California dairy farmers and processers, health and wellness professionals, educators and nutrition leaders expressing support for Dairy Council of CA’s nutrition education, community health and food access programs. Additionally, oral testimonies urging the continuation of Dairy Council of CA were made by Kim Frinzell, director of nutrition services at the California Department of Education, and others.

“As we near Dairy Council of CA’s 100-year anniversary, I’m proud of the support received at the continuation hearing from individuals who come from many different backgrounds, but all share a passion that aligns with our cause of elevating the health of children and families through lifelong healthy eating habits,” said Tammy Anderson-Wise, CEO of Dairy Council of CA. “In the coming years, we look forward to reaching more kids, parents and families with science-based nutrition education programs and advocating for milk and dairy products as a vital component of healthy eating patterns.”

To make a bigger impact on community health, Dairy Council of CA partners with public health leaders like educators, health providers and nurses to support food access programs, train school foodservice providers on Smarter Lunchrooms Movement tactics and conduct nutrition science research. These programs build on Dairy Council of CA’s free, comprehensive nutrition education programs, which reach more than 4 million schoolchildren, families and adults every year.

“I’ve been a supporter and user of Dairy Council of CA’s nutrition education curriculum continuously since my first teaching job 40 years ago until now,” said Alice Vestergaard of Samuel Merritt University, a Certified Health Education Specialist with a doctorate in health care education who oversees community/public health courses for aspiring nurses. “Dairy Council of CA continues to produce high quality, easy-to-use and impactful nutrition education curriculum that is adaptable for many different learning styles, ages and backgrounds.”

Pursuant to Section 64001 et seq. of Chapter 1, Part 2 of Division 22 of the State Food and Agriculture Code, Dairy Council of CA will continue to operate on behalf of California’s dairy farmers and milk processors through 2023.

For nearly a century, Dairy Council of California has empowered stakeholders, including educators, health professionals and communities, to elevate the health of children and families through the pursuit of lifelong healthy eating habits. Funded by California’s dairy farm families and local milk processors, Dairy Council of California’s science-based nutrition education resources, Mobile Dairy Classroom assemblies, training programs and online tools reach millions in California and throughout the United States. Learn more at