CA: Dairy Council Releases Trends Report

To forecast food and nutrition issues likely to impact the dairy industry in future years, the Dairy Council of California has released the fall edition of its 2018 Dairy Industry Trends Report.

Produced twice a year, the report is a resource for the dairy community, identifying issues early and tracking their development.

Some of the key findings of the fall 2018 report include:

  • A growing urgency to define the intersection between sustainability and nutrition.Sustainable nutrition is a topic with international importance, as countries around the world are faced with addressing the triple burden of malnutrition, obesity and micronutrient deficiencies while protecting finite natural resources. For the dairy industry, sustainable nutrition is a way to strike a balance among nourishing people, caring for animals and sustaining the environment.
  • Plant-based eating patterns gain support from institutional food systems. Hospitals and schools are at the forefront of implementing plant-based eating strategies, which could serve as a catalyst for future food offerings. As these offerings continue to grow, it will be critical to educate the public about the unique nutritional benefits of milk and dairy foods not found in other food groups and how they play an important role in plant-based eating patterns.

  • Overall food choices have more influence on health than individual nutrients or food components. Nutrition experts agree that overall diet quality matters more than calories or single nutrient amounts. Dairy foods like milk, cheese and yogurt are wholesome foods that are positively associated with diet quality and include a matrix of unique nutrients like saturated and unsaturated fats, vitamin K, calcium, potassium and probiotics.

The full fall edition of the 2018 Dairy Industry Trends Report can be downloaded for free here.

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