CA: December 22 Deadline for California Quota Vote

The producer referendum on the Quota Implementation Plan being conducted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture has a voting deadline of December 22.  Producers are voting on the mechanics of how the California milk quota system would operate if a Federal Milk Marketing Order goes into effect.

According to the Milk Producers Council, a dairy service organization, CDFA had received 600 ballots as of Dec. 15.  That means more than 400 ballots have yet to be cast.

For the QIP to be voted up or down, 51% of eligible producers must vote.  For the QIP to be approved, of those voting, 65% of producers voting representing at least 51% of the milk must approve, or 51% of producers representing 65% of the milk must approve.

The dairy cooperatives and dairy service organizations are urging their members to vote to approve the plan.