CA: Discharge Requirements for Confined Bovine Feedlot Operations

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board) is a State regulatory agency tasked with establishing policies and regulations to protect ground and surface water quality throughout the Central Valley. The Water Board has various programs that focus on specific types of practices and activities.

In June 2017, the Water Board adopted a permit (the Bovine Feedlot General Order) for bovine feedlot operations such as beef cattle stockyards, finishing yards, auction yards, calf ranches, dairy heifer operations, and veal calf facilities. The Bovine Feedlot General Order does not apply to permitted dairies nor to pasture and grazing operations.


The deadline to file an application (Notice of Intent) for coverage under the Bovine Feedlot General Order is July 1, 2018. Information about the program can be found on the Water Board’s web site:

Note:  CDFA is not involved in the implementation of the regulations for the Bovine Feedlot General Order; it is just assisting with the dissemination of information.