CA: Farm Security Tips

California Dairy Quality Assurance Program

There has been an increase in unauthorized persons on dairies over the last several weeks. A few easy steps can increase the general security of your dairy.

Signage: Post “No Trespassing” signs at all road entrances and at three signs per mile to include property corners. This elevates trespassing charges from a $75 infraction to a misdemeanor (up to $1000 fine/6 mos. of jail time) and may deter unwanted visitors. Many local Farm Bureaus have signs available.

Perimeter Gates: Other than the main gate, secure all perimeter roads with gates, chains or cables to hinder vehicle access. This will also help deter some property theft.

Employees: Train and empower employees to investigate anyone they don’t recognize and immediately call the Sherriff’s office. Trespass occurring in the presence of law enforcement is easier to prosecute. Recording on your cell phone, explain law enforcement is in route and ask trespassers to leave, but do not otherwise engage.